2019, photographic series

Carnisse is a neighborhood in the South of Rotterdam. Not just any neighborhood but one that scores as the 'worst district of the Netherlands'. The numbers point their fingers at the lack of social cohesion, high turnover rate and relatively many working people with a low income. The National Programme Rotterdam South (NPRZ), which stems from these numbers, aims to deal with this “problem neighborhood” through a controversial approach, which includes the demolition and refurbishment of 35 000 houses, and building of significantly less and more expensive housing.

The life in Carnisse drafts more empathic, inclusive, imaginative and urgent scenarios to those developed by the city developers and housing corporations. People share stories that seriously call into question the statistics and the official plans. The numbers do not take into account the high demand for affordable housing and the rising popularity of the neighborhood. While the residents are hardly aware of the changes the outrageously costly NPRZ programme will bring to their lives.

The series is part of an investigative journalistic dossier carried out by Vers Beton, in the collaboration with De Groene Amsterdammer and OPEN Rotterdam. All the articles featured in the dossier are available here:

24 Inkjet prints on Hahnemühle paper, fixed on 15 boards