2016, HD video, 4:07 minutes


One’s bearings as awareness of one’s position relative to one’s surroundings. To look at the world from a perspective of a nuclear family, which can be split up into individuals that cannot understand each other. In this personal project, a grief after subsequent deaths of my grandmothers became a necessity to connect with the female members of my family. I felt an urge to invite them to read together a story, which would help us talk freely about our personal desires, needs and fears as women. At the same time I was interested in researching the history of female perspective in the Slovenian literary fiction.  After two months of looking for the right story, location and time, we met to read a short story The Woman with the Wolf by Mojca Kumerdej, a contemporary Slovenian writer (published by the Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art). The reading took place at the mouth of a cave, which is one of the elements presented in the story, and, by coincidence or not, at a time of the full moon. The meeting was magical and almost historical in a family sense, as it had never happened before that only female members of my family would gather together, let alone for the sake of reading and conversing about the story.

The film is part of the Reading Cycle, a long-term exploration in the political potential of interpretive communities around shared reading of fiction literature with a series of film works.